About us

Our story began over a couple margaritas and a napkin. No, really! Father and daughter went out for a couple drinks and started a business the next day! We are a small, woman and veteran owned family (even the pups come to work!) bulk book business that started in December 2020. Every year approximately 320 million books are sent to the landfill. As avid readers and book lovers, this just broke our hearts. Think of all the adventures, the stories and the dreams that are just being thrown away never to be read again! We couldn't handle that thought so we founded Neverland Books, a place where not only does Peter Pan never have to grow up, but neither do you or the millions of stories that we save every year! Neverland Books is based in Waynesboro, Virginia and currently have eight employees. We are expanding quickly. We currently process approximately 50,000 pounds of books each week and hope to make that a daily goal in the near future. 

Our products are the extra step we go to keep books out of the landfill. After taking home as many as possible (you can only fit so many books in an apartment ...) we had to figure out a way to save more books. At the start of 2021, Neverland Books mostly focused on selling individual books on Amazon, but that just didn't save enough books for our little family to be satisfied. Thus, Neverland Books and Bundles was born! We created a model that combines the exhilarating aspect of subscription boxes while you maintain the control of what you get. Pick your genre, pick your size and we'll pick your books! It was something our family loved so we opened it up to you!

320 Million
books sent to the landfil every year.
1.4 Million
books processed and saved by us!
6 Thousand
book bundles sent out to you!

Giving back and paying it forward.

Service is something that our family and business is passionate about. To that end, we have several programs for giving back and even more in the works! Books are our passion and while we can't give them all away (we have to stay in business somehow) we strive to donate as much as possible to our local community!

Currently every Bible that comes through our warehouse gets set aside and donated to a local mission that then sends them accross the world to people who need them the most. We have hosted several homeschool and school groups for field trips that include a warehouse tour, lots of fun and a box of books for each child! We also currently give every teacher an in store discount as well as sending them with our "star student coupons" to reward students with a free book!

Coming 2021 we will be launching three new community programs! First, we plan to donate monthly boxes of books to local nursing homes. We will also be launching a program where customers can bring gently used or new backpacks into the store for store credit. We will then be filling those backpacks up with children's books to send with foster children as they venture to their new homes! Lastly, as a co-veteran owned business, we uniquely understand the love of country and sacrifice that comes with being deployed. We will be working with a nonprofit (announcement forthcoming) to ship boxes of books overseas for those on active deployments.

If these passions of ours are something that hits home for you as well, please reach out to us! We are currently working on developing a program for people to volunteer sorting books and assisting with these donation/community programs!

About Us
About Us