All About Neverland Books!

What is Neverland Books? 

We are a family owned company who just love books and hate to see them destroyed! We believe that reading can change the world and that every book, no matter how used, deserves a good home. 

Why should I choose Neverland Books? 

We offer the largest number of high-quality, gently-used books at the internet’s lowest prices. Simple as that. We care about customer satisfaction (and books!) deeply and want you to have a pleasant ordering experience. 

We are also highly committed to our community. We currently donate all Bibles that come through our line. We also have teacher discounts and donate books to local classrooms as rewards for students. We are also working on a program to get kids books to local foster care children and books to soldiers overseas.  

What is the best way to contact you? 

Contact us through Facebook for imediate issues such as changes of address. For issues with your order, shipping or questions please email us at

Where are you located? Where can I mail things to? 

Our physical address is 2800 Carroll Ave Lynchburg, VA 24501

What about other resellers? 

We do not offer to sell gaylords or wholesale lots at this time (though this is something we are working on for the future) We do not currently offer lots that are good for resellers. eWdo sell on Amazon FBA and MF. If you purchase a lot from us and are unhappy because they are not good for resale, we will not accept a return or replace books. 

If you are in the area, please feel free to stop by and we’ll give you a tour of our warehouse! We love to share our knowledge and chat with other people in the industry! 

If you come into the store, you are more than welcome to scan through our inventory, but please note that everything in the store has been scanned through for Amazon MF and FBA. That being said, your metrics may be different than ours and rank and price are constantly changing! 

All Things Shipping!

How much is Shipping? 

As of August 31st media mail rates have increased so our shipping price reflects that All orders over $20 ship for FREE anywhere in the United States Orders between $10 and $20 ship for $4.99 anywhere in the United States Orders under $10 ship for $3.19 anywhere in the United States Priority Mail (1-2 day shipping) is a flat fee of $25 Shipping outside of the United States has a flat handling fee of $14.99 and other fees may apply at checkout depending on the location/country  

How long until my order ships out?

All orders take generally 5 to 10 business days to arrive to you. We generally process and ship out your order the next day, but please allow two days for orders placed over the weekend as we are normally slammed over the weekend.

As the holiday season approachs our times will very. Your item will be shipped within three days at the very latest. 

How do I see my tracking number? 

You will receive email updates with tracking information after your order is fulfilled. 

Why is it taking so long to receive my order? 

Unfortunately, we have no control over how long it takes the mail carrier to deliver your package once it leaves our warehouse. We process and ship out most of our packages within 1 to 2 business days. Note that orders placed on Friday will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday. 

Please not that shipping times are longer during holidays and since the beggining of the pandemic. 

I ordered expedited shipping. Why hasn’t my order been shipped?  

Purchasing expedited shipping does not affect our processing time, which is the time frame needed to fill your order. Expedited shipping only increases the speed and security of the delivery of your order, which we do not handle. Make sure it has been 5 days since your tracking was last updated. Additionally, make sure to read through the tracking notes to see if there is any issue preventing delivery. If there is not, please send us a message. 

My tracking number says "Pre-Shipment info sent to usps" or "pending acceptance" and hasn't updated?

We ship everything via the United States Postal Service using their ESV postal system. That means that when we ship out your order, we actually sort all of our orders into different zip codes. The post office then just sends that bag of orders to that zip code. The packages are not individually scanned until they get to your zip code, so your individual tracking will not update until then. We know this can be frustrating when you are eagerly awaiting your package and especially during peak holiday times when shipping is slow, but this is how we are able to keep our prices down and make shipping so inexpensive! 

Book Grading/Duplicates/Special Requests/More 

Are your books new or used and how do you grade the condition of good books? 

All of our books are gently used and/or donated, and graded by us for condition. Please view our Replacement Policy if you feel you've received books that don't meet our quality guidelines. 

We grade all of our preloved books by a GOOD/READABLE standard. 

GOOD/READABLE: Item may have minor cosmetic defects (marks, wears, cuts, bends, crushes) on the cover, spine, pages, or dust cover. Dust covers or boxed set cases may be missing. The item may contain remainder marks on outside edges. The item may be missing bundled media. All pages and cover are intact (may not include dust cover, if applicable). The spine may show signs of wear. Pages may include limited notes and highlighting. May include "From the library of" labels. Stickers and price tags may still be on the book. 

My order contains old books? 

We grade by the condition of the book, not by when it was published. Our books are used, so we rarely get brand new relases (though it does happen!)  Besides, it’s the content inside, not the age that matters! 

When will this product be restocked? 

We do not have any specified restock days. Instead, we restock our products almost daily as they are avilable. If a product you want is not available, you can sign up for our email list or follow us on Facebook or Instagram as we announce there! 

Can I specify books to include/exclude in my order? 

You can add requests to the order via the checkout notes section. Please note that we do not guarantee that we can fulfill every request, but we will try our hardest to do so. 

Examples of Requests: Age/Grade Gender Subgenres Certain Popular Authors/Series  

I want to exclude boy/girl books from my order. How do I do that? 

Place your order and specify which gender of books you'd like to exclude or include in the notes during checkout. 

What ages are the books suitable for?  

Suitable ages are listed in the title of the listing. If it’s not listed, google is great for telling you ages! Again, please note that age appropriateness is up to interpretation.  

Will I receive any duplicates if I order two boxes in the same order? 

We work hard to make sure each book you receive is unique. However, duplicates may occur in large orders, but it is rare. If you do receive duplicates, take advantage of our replacement guarantee! 

We cannot guarantee no duplicates from past orders or books you already own. You can list extremely popular titles in the notes at check out, but we cannot guarantee you will not receive those books (especailly for large lots). The replacement guarantee does not cover books you already own. 

Will I receive any duplicates if I order two or more sets or series in the same order? 

You will not. We ensure that each title you receive is unique. If you receive any duplicates, send us a message and will issue replacements. We do discourage attempting to purchase a total number of books close to or more than the total number of books in the series. We do not have every book in a series available at any given time, so we cannot guarantee no duplicates in those situations. 

If I already own some titles of a set or series and I want to order the same set/series from you, how can I prevent my order from containing books that I already have? 

When placing an order, you can include the books you already have on the notes during checkout. Please note that this is not guaranteed and the replacement guarantee does not cover books you already own.  

How are sets and series titles selected? Do they go in order? 

Most do not. As with all products, all titles are randomly selected. If they do go in order (for sets like Twilight and Hunger Games) it will be listed as a full set on the product page. 

I didn’t receive (blank) book in my order? 

We do not guarantee that a customer will receive any specific book in their order, even if they request the book on the notes of their order during checkout. We offer some possibilities on our product pages, but they are not guarantees.  


How does the replacement guarantee work? What are the rules? 

Requests Must Be Placed Within 10 days of receiving the order.

For all orders, Our free replacement service will replace the following problems in an order 
- Heavily Damaged Exterior to be determined by customer service 
- Heavy Water damage 
- Heavy soiling Duplicated books within an order 
- Religious in non-religious products (this does not apply to commonly celebrated holidays.) 
- Heavily written in/on - only when this is determined to be excessive Wrong language Duplicates within the order Unreadable text - this means writing or stickers heavy enough to obscure reading parts of the text. 
- Missing pages/parts of books - this does not apply to paperback covers with small nicks/tears or small missing corners. 

What do you NOT replace? 

Not age-appropriate (under ANY circumstance) - Age level is up to interpretation in a lot of ways. We currently use our own custom software that pulls data from Amazon to determine age level and grade level. 

A good example of this is you may order 2nd-grade books and you determine that it is more of a 3rd-grade reading level. Customer does not like the book - Our books are random lots, so as much as it pains us, you may not love every book you receive, give it to a friend or donate it! We just ask that you please don’t throw books away.

 'Outdated' - We grade by the condition of the book, not when it was written. 

How do I request a book replacement? 

Please email all requests to or fill out the form on our contact page. 

Please Include:

- Order # 
- What Platform you placed your order was placed on (Website, Facebook, Mecari, Ebay, etc) 
- Number of books you need replaced 
- What kind of books do you need to have replaced? (example - board books, hardcover kids, chapter books etc.) 
- PHOTOS* - failure to provide photos will result in an automatic rejection of the request. 

What are the photo requirements for returns/replacements? 

Be advised - our review team will reject any photos that do not adhere to our replacement RULES above. The Replacements Review Team has final say on all replacement requests, customer service is unable to override replacements review team decisions. 

- Damaged: photo should show the damage 
- Water Damage: Photo should show water damage
- Duplicated: photo should show the duplicated books side-by-side --
- Religious in non-religious product: photo should show the religious content commonly celebrated holidays do not count. 
- Heavily written in/on: photo should show the writing 
- Wrong language: photo should show the wrong language 


What is your return and refund policy?  

You can return any order within 10 days for a full refund. We are not responsible for return shipping costs. Please purchase a label on your own and include the tracking number in an email to to speed up the return process. Once we have confirmed we have recieved the package, a full refund will be issued. If the package is missing books from the order, the order will be subject to a 50% restocking fee and thus only 50% of the initial purchase value will be refunded. Please note we are not responsible for lost packages and can only process refunds once they reach our warehouse. 

Where do I send returns to?  

Neverland Books Returns Department 

2800 Carroll Ave  
Lynchburg, VA 24501 

What is your cancelation policy? 

Unfortunately, due to the way our back-end operations works, we are unable to cancel orders once placed. Once an order has been created in our system it is filled quickly and we are unable to remove it from the fulfillment operation without significant disruption. If you need to change your address please message us on Facebook asap (this pops up on our computers so it is the only way to make sure your address is changed). Please include your name, what you ordered, the order number, and the platform you ordered on. If we have already fulfilled the order by the time you message us we are not responsible and there is nothing we can do so please message us as soon as possible! 

We do apologize for this inconvenience, you can return your order as soon as you receive it for a full refund if you'd like, or take advantage of our awesome Replacement Guarantee! 

Will you reimburse me if the prison refuses my order? 

We cannot be held responsible for items returned to us due to unacceptable content/restricted materials, etc. 

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing the guidelines set by individual facilities. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure the item(s) being sent are acceptable. All items returned to us are subject to a restocking fee. 

Will I get refunded for a package that was "Returned to Sender?" 

Because most cases can be prevented by the buyer, we charge a 50% restocking fee for each item returned to us. Please note: Due to where our warehouse is located and the way we ship, not all orders are actually returned to us, even if the post office tells you it is. We do not offer refunds of any type if we do not receive your package.  

What are the reasons why a package would be “returned to sender”? 

* Unclaimed – restocking fee charged 

* No Such Address – restocking fee charged 
* Address Incomplete – restocking fee charged 
* Moved/Unknown – restocking fee charged 
* No Such Post Office –full refund (how is that your fault?) 
* Refused – restocking fee charged 

Missing and Lost Books  

My books seem to be lost! What can I do? 

Before you contact us please double check your tracking information and call your local post office (oftentimes they can help a lot more than we can!)

Once a package leaves our warehouse, we no longer have control over it. We cannot speed up shipping times or get your exact lost package back. What we can do: After you contact the post office and they can’t locate your package or notify you that it is on the way please send us an email with the following information: Name Shipping Address Order # What Platform you placed your order on (Website, Facebook, Mecari, Ebay, etc) What you ordered? We will open a case with USPS - Please note that cases with USPS often take 2-4 weeks to resolve If they cannot find your package, we will send you a new one If books seem to be missing from your order, please contact us right away! 

What do I include in my message to you? 


- Name
- Shipping Address
-  Order # 
- What Platform you placed your order on (Website, Facebook, Mecari, Ebay, etc) 
- What you ordered 
- How many books were missing 
- A picture of the box if it appeared damaged
- A picture of any note the post office may have put on a damaged box 

My order was marked as delivered, but I haven’t received it. What now? 

Occasionally, USPS will mark orders as delivered before they are actually delivered. If your order has been marked as delivered but you still haven't received it, please wait 5 business days for it to arrive. If it still hasn't arrived, send us a message.  

My books never arrived/I received an empty box. How can I get my books? 

If your books never arrive and it has been more than 5 business days since your order was marked as delivered or since the indicated delivery date on your tracking, please send us a message. If you were sent an empty box, please include photos of the box and any notes from USPS indicating that the box was opened, if they exist. 

I ordered expedited shipping. Why hasn’t my order been shipped?  

Purchasing expedited shipping does not affect our processing time, which is the time frame needed to fill your order. Expedited shipping only increases the speed and security of the delivery of your order, which we do not handle. 

Make sure it has been 5 days since your tracking was last updated. Additionally, make sure to read through the tracking notes to see if there is any issue preventing delivery. If there is not, please send us a message. 

Email List  

How many giveaways do you do? 

We randomly pull someone from our email list once a month for a free book bundle! This is our way of giving back to our loyal subscribers! Make sure you like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well, as sometimes we do exclusive giveaways for our followers.  

What is the monthly giveaway price? 

Whatever you want from our website as long as it is under $20. We will even ship it to you for free! 

How will I be notified if I win a giveaway! 

We will email you! You will only be emailed if you are the person who wins since we don’t want to spam everyone. 

Why should I subscribe to your email list? 

There are so many reasons! Our subscribers are the first to hear about new products, restocks, and sales! We also have exclusive discounts and sales that are only for our subscription list as well as a chance to win one of our monthly giveaways! 

Will my email be sold or shared with anyone? 

Of course not! We’re a family-run business and we wouldn’t want our emails shared either, so we would never do that to you.  


Can I pick up my books myself? 

Yes you can! We have a Books By The Pound Store connected to our warehouse. See our In Store page for the address and hours! Please put in the notes at check out that you will be picking up.  

What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, Google Pay, and Amazon account payments through our website 

Can I buy singular books by title?  

We are working to offer singular titles on our website (software and coding is really hard to write so it may take a while) so while we currently do not offer singular books on our website, we have thousands of individual books for sale on Ebay!

Do you accept donations? 

We do! You can either mail books (we cannot reimburse for shipping costs) to us or drop them off in-person at our storefront. We offer in-store credit (unfortunately we are unable to do this online) for books that we are able to use. We are also working on a clean-out program where we come to you! Our address is the same for both and is listed above. For more information please see our donation page! 

Can I get a discount on a large order? 

We pride ourselves on offering the best prices on the Internet regardless of the total number of items purchased. Because our prices are already so low, we do not offer additional discounts on larger orders. However, please note that we offer FREE shipping on US orders of $10 or more, as well as regular coupon deals and special offers. Sign up to receive our emails to be notified of current deals.