Light Blue, Grey & White

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Transform your living space into a serene haven of tranquility with this carefully curated collection of hardback books featuring a delightful blend of light blue, soft grey, and pristine white tones. The harmonious interplay of these soothing colors creates a refreshing and versatile aesthetic, ideal for elevating your interior design. Whether you're envisioning a calming coastal theme or aiming for a minimalist backdrop, the combination of light blue, light grey, and white hardcovers effortlessly imparts an air of timeless elegance. Let this tranquil collection become a focal point in your design, providing a light and airy backdrop that complements various styles and infuses your space with a sense of enduring calmness.

*Price Per Book - Set quantity to 3 to ensure one of each color

Spines will reflect the color listed, book cover may vary. Books will not be exact but will reflect the style described and pictured.

We cannot guarantee specific books at this time or offer pictures of exact lots. Feel free to include preferences in your order notes (no religious books, age appropriate, etc), but please know while these are strongly considered in pulling bundles, our inventory changes daily and not all requests may be possible in order to fulfill your order in a timely manner. Books are used, but in good, readable condition.