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Ignite passion and add a bold pop of color to your interior design with this striking collection of hardback red books. Red is a symbol of energy, warmth, and vibrancy, making these books a dynamic choice for creating a captivating and spirited atmosphere. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or infuse a room with a sense of excitement, these red hardcovers are anything but ordinary. Let them become focal points in your design, adding a dynamic touch that sparks visual interest and infuses your space with the invigorating charm of red books.

Perfectly curated decor for your home, office or business! Books are sold by the foot in order to aid in picturing how many feet (12 in) you need for your design project.

All books will be hardcover. Number of books will vary based on thickness of books pulled, but generally a foot is about 10-12 books. Books for Books by the Foot lots are pulled based on spine not content (unless you are buying subject by foot). We cannot guarantee specific books at this time or offer pictures of exact lots. Feel free to include preferences in your order notes (no religious books, age appropriate, etc), but please know while these are strongly considered in pulling bundles, our inventory changes daily and not all requests may be possible in order to fulfill your order in a timely manner. Books are used, but in good, readable condition.