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Image Memorial Day Weekend Warehouse Book Sale! Over 100 Thousand Books!

Friday through Monday, May 24th to May 27th

Friday, Saturday and Monday: 9am-6pm

Sunday: Noon-6pm.

Our online and wholesale book operation is opening our warehouse up to the public! Take a peak behind the scenes of a mega online book seller and take a look at our inventory! This is the last shot these books will have before they are sent down the paper recycling process and turned into paper pulp. Come visit us during Memorial Day weekend and help us give these books one last chance at life!

Hardback Books $2.00

Paperback Books $1.00

Mass Market Books $0.50

Textbooks/Reference $2.00

Picture Books $0.50

DVDs $1.00

CDs $0.50

Video Games $2.00.

*Other items such as Blind Dates With A Book, Bookish Gift Boxes, Bookish Decor and Bookish T-shirts will also be available, price as marked

*Books rage from brand new, never been opened to worn and torn! We have hundreds of copies of some books and single copies or rare out of print works, the more time you spend looking, the more you'll find!

Who Are We?

Welcome to Books and Bundles, your go-to destination for an extensive variety of affordable and unique book bundles.

Beyond traditional genres book lots, we offer Books by the Pound, allowing you to choose your preferred genre and receive a surprise bundle at your doorstep at an unmatchable, wholesale, by-the-pound price.

Transform your space with Books by the Foot collections, organized by color or theme for a sophisticated touch to your decor.

Immerse yourself in curated experiences with our Specialty Book Boxes, including BookTok Book Boxes and Blind Dates.

Nurture young readers with our Kids Book Bundles tailored for different age groups or grade levels, featuring board books, picture books, and captivating tales.

Embrace rustic charm with our Farmhouse Book Stacks or elevate your space with Books as Decor bundles, turning your books into stylish accents.

With unbeatable prices, personalization options, and a no-duplicates guarantee, Books is your ticket to an affordable, sustainable, and delightful literary journey.

Saving Books From the Landfill? Yes Please!

Every year approximately 320 million books are sent to the landfill. As avid readers and book lovers, this just broke our hearts. Think of all the adventures, the stories and the dreams that are just being thrown away never to be read again! We couldn't handle that thought so our family founded Neverland Books, a place where not only does Peter Pan never have to grow up, but neither do you or the millions of stories that we save every year!

We're just a small drop in the bucket at saving approximately 750,000 books a week, but that very quickly adds up! We focus on saving every story we can and sustainably recycling or reusing the rest. Here at Books and Bundles (by Neverland Books) we believe that every book is worth being read and that there is someone out there who wouldn't want it to go to waste. Purchase today to help us in our mission of one less book wasting away in a landfill!