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Customer Service - Returns - Replacement Guarantee 

If you need ANYTHING please email us at or fill out our form on our contact us page. Please allow us 2-3 business days to respond to you as we are hard at work preparing your next book bundle!
Please also read through our Frequently Asked Questions page before you contact our customer support team.





What is your replacement guarantee?

As a family of book lovers, we know how scary it can be to buy used books only to receive less-than-stellar books. That's why we've developed our own custom book-sorting processes to give you a quality and consistent product, every time.  Every book that passes through our triple-check process is touched, graded, and bagged by at least three people. Our books are sorted, resorted, and then shipped to you!

We are so certain that we can deliver a reliable product to you every time, that we back every order by our own guarantee.

Book Replacement Guarantee -  If any of our books do not meet our stringent quality guidelines, we will replace them free of charge.


How does the replacement guarantee work? What are the rules?

Limit 1 replacement request per order 

Requests Must Be Placed Within 10 days of receiving order

For all orders, 

Our free replacement service will replace the following problems in an order 

  • Heavily Damaged Exterior to be determined by customer service 
  • Heavy Water damage 
  • Heavy soiling 
  • Duplicated within order
  • Religious in non-religious products (this does not apply to commonly celebrated holidays.)
  • Heavily written in/on - only when this is determined to be excessive
  • Wrong language 
  • Unreadable text - this means writing or stickers heavy enough to obscure reading parts of the text.
  • Missing pages/parts of books - this does not apply to paperback covers with small nicks/tears or small missing corners.
What do you NOT replace?
  • Not age appropriate (under ANY circumstance) - Age level is up to interpretation in a lot of ways. We currently use our own custom software that pull data from Amazon to determine age level and grade level. A good example of this is you may order 2nd grade books and you determine that it is more of a 3rd grade reading level. 
  • Genre Disagreement - All of our books are genre sorted using software that pulls genre information from websites like GoodReads. We do not replace books that you believe do not fall in the genre category ordered. We are happy to provide more details on items sent as needed, simply reach out!
  • Customer does not like book - Our books are random lots so as much as it pains us, you may not love every book you receive, give it to a friend or donate it! We just ask that you please don’t throw books away. 
  • 'Outdated' - We grade by condition of the book, not when it was written.


Hoe do I request a book replacement?

Please email all requests to or fill out the form on our contact page. 

  • Order #
  • What Platform you placed your order on (Website, Facebook, Mecari, Ebay, etc)
  • Number of books you need replaced
  • What kind of books do you need replaced? (example - board books, hardcover kids, chapter books etc.)
  • PHOTOS* - failure to provide photos will result in automatic rejection of request.


What are the photo requirements for returns/replacements?

Be advised - our review team will reject any photos that do not adhere to our replacement RULES above.  The Replacements Review Team have final say on all replacement requests, customer service is unable to override replacements review team decisions. 

  • Damaged: photo should show the damage
  • Water Damage: Photo should show water damage
  • Duplicated: photo should show the duplicated books side-by-side
  • Religious in non-religious product: photo should show the religious content - commonly celebrated holidays do not count.
  • Heavily written in/on: photo should show the writing
  • Wrong language: photo should show the wrong language




What is your return and refund policy? 

You can return any order within 14 days for a full refund

Customers are responsible for return shipping charges. Please consider using our Replacement Guarantee if there is only an issue with a couple of books instead of returning to avoid paying return shipping charges.

Missing books will subject the entire order to a 50% restocking fee.

Customers are responsible for making sure we receive returns. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items during return transit, please pack and seal your returns securely.

To expedite the refund process send customer service return tracking to

Where do I send returns to? 
Books and Bundles Returns Department
2800 Carroll Ave
Lynchburg, VA 24501


What is your cancelation policy?

Unfortunately, due to the way our back-end operations works, we are unable to cancel orders once placed. Once an order has been created in our system it is filled quickly and we are unable to remove it from the fulfillment operation without significant disruption. If you need to change your address please message us on Facebook asap (this pops up on our computers so it is the only way to make sure your address is changed). Please include your name, order, order number and platform ordered. If we have already fulfilled the order by the time you message us we are not responsible and there is nothing we can do so please message us as soon as possible!

We do apologize for this inconvenience, you can return your order as soon as you receive it for a full refund if you'd like, or take advantage of our awesome Replacement Guarantee!

Will you reimburse me if the prison refuses my order?

We cannot be held responsible for items returned to us due to unacceptable content/restricted materials, etc.

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing the guidelines set by individual facilities. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure the item(s) being sent are acceptable. All items returned to us are subject to a restocking fee.

Will I get refunded for a package that was "Returned to Sender?"

Because most cases can be prevented by the buyer, we charge a 50% restocking fee for each item returned to us. Please note: Due to where our warehouse is located and the way we ship, not all orders are actually returned to us, even if the post office tells you it is. We do not offer refunds of any type if we do not receive your package. 

What are the reasons why a package would be “returned to sender”?
* Unclaimed – restocking fee charged
* No Such Address – restocking fee charged
* Address Incomplete – restocking fee charged
* Moved/Unknown – restocking fee charged
* No Such Post Office –full refund (how is that your fault?)
* Refused – restocking fee charged